Thursday, June 4, 2015

NativeInterop 2.4.0

NativeInterop v2.4.0 is ready and awaiting your download from NuGet. This version brings a revised version of Buffer.Copy tuned for .NET 4.6/RyuJIT: By using a 16 byte block copy, the JITter can generate movq (x86) or movdqu (x64) instructions for further improved performance. Enjoy!

Now I just have to figure out, where the larger performance drop for large data sizes comes from compared to the other methods. memcpy somehow reaches approx. 20 GB/s beyond the L3 cache.

Btw., I have a further post on SIMD programming with .NET almost ready, but I can't publish it yet due to problems with the current version of System.Numerics.Vectors in combination with .NET 4.6/VS 2015 RC. Hope that'll get fixed soon!

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